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IT IS FORBIDDEN to log into our equipment ! Connections from which this happens can be closed without warning !

A router NEVER must be connected with the LAN side facing the network ! Please, mark the WAN-cable (from the converter) clearly !

Saturday 14 January 2012: South Lapptršsk will be DISCONNECTED while Hindersby skola central is moved to the old schoolhouse.

Wednesday 14 September 2011: Ongoing work in Lindkoski. There may be problems in the connection to Internet.

Tuesday 5 July 2011: TDC will remove the connection to Kouvola so we must build another one. There may be problems in the connection to Internet during this and next week. Do not leave important tasks to the last moment !

Wednesday 30 December 2009: Our net is OK but the connection to Internet is bad. Right now the ADSL (slow !) is connected but you must change DNS (nameserver) to (it should work also when the fibre is connected again).At 6 p.m. a converter was replaced in TDC's net in Kouvola and everything should work again.

Everyone must have a STATIC IP address ! If the connection seems to work only sometimes or not at all - check if the router (or computer) has a static IP address ! There is a small number of dynamic addresses for special reasons but not enough for everyone. All have got a unique IP address and if it has disappeared - please ask what it must be. If several computers are connected to the net there MUST be a router installed which has the unique IP address. The computer MUST NOT be set up to obtain an IP address automatically (unless there is a router inbetween) !

Email: Outgoing mail server is for SMTP. See and go to Asiakastuki>Ohjeet>Sähköposti>Viestien lähettäminen SMTP:llä (In Finnish).

Thursday 27th November 2008: Snow has caused problems with power supply and our switches has stopped working.

14th November 2008: OBS ! CHANGES in the net in Hindersby today and next week ! There may be short breaks in the connection to Internet also in Labby och Harsböle !

16th August 2008: FONET DNS down: CHANGE DNS to Nebula (see further down) !

Unfortunately economic realities force us to add 5 euro to the monthly fee from 1st July 2008.

19th May 2008 an electrical cable was damaged while digging and our router to Internet went down. The connection was re-established only at 8:42 next morning.

11 April 2008: Nebula has changed the DNS servers to DNS1 : DNS2 : ! Update your computer or router !

The whole network is disconnected on MONDAY 11 May 2007 at 12-13.

Because on electrical installation works in the municipal center also our Internet connections are broken.

1 March 2007 FONET (now Nebula) has problems with the net and we must use the slow connection to the Internet. See (in Finnish)

19.2 2007 The whole net must be disconnected because someone broke into our main router 16.2 2007 kl. 17:15:29 and changed the settings. The break will be short unless there are problems with the reconfiguration.

19 December 2006 The network is now ready.

The optical fibernet (backbone only) of the municipality Lappträsk/Lapinjärvi has been established in the villages Harsböle, Labby and Lindkoski. In Hindersby and Bäckby the network of HB Service AB is used and it is logically connected to Hindersby-Bäckby Service AB is a company owned by the villagers.

The municipality owns the backbone cable but does not operate the network. HB Service connects the residents to the backbone and its own network, collects the rent for the backbone and offers Internet connections.

HB Service offers to build connections to the optofiber net (ask for a price). This connection works only within the local network with 100 Mbit/s (unless you have an Internet connection too).

An Internet connection costs (right now) 16 euro pro month (20 euro with vat) but the price can change and it follows the market price. The max. speed of this connection is now about 10 Mbit/s but may vary depending on the traffic.

A domain "" is available for the Internet connection, eg. email addresses like firstname.lastname(at) Also home pages can use subdomains like These names are "aliases" which only point to other addresses. The advantage is that you can change operator (for email or web hotel) without changing a well established address.

The price list of HB Service, valid outside of Hindersby and Bäckby (In Swedish)

Each connection must have a router for security reasons and it has a fixed IP address given by HB Service. Other IP adresses do not work in the net for security reasons. To this router it is possible to connect up to four computers directly and with another switch even more. Those computers which are connected to the router can use DHCP automatic IP addresses. Please, buy a router that can handle 100 Mbit/s. The old ADSL routers cannot.

The setup for the router (or computer if there is no router):
IP address: (where xxx is given by HA Service)
Incoming email comes from the server and outgoing to

HB Service in general gives no support for hardware and software outside the net connection (converter). We recommend Christian Nyholm in Lovisa, tel. 050-531 7889 or some other expert giving computer support.

HB Service AB does not bury cables. Contact some local excavator owner or Dan Nybondas, Lindkoski (050-3745637) for ploughing the cable.

More info: Nisse Husberg, email: Nisse[cat], tel. +358-19-614056, +358-457-0184385.